Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Blackberry disease! I don't think I have enough yarn either. I think I got the wrong skein size (it is 65 yards, and I think I estimated it was 100 yards). Yee. The sleeves are taking up a TON of yarn. So. I hurried and ordered some more from the good people who make malabrigo but it takes them so long...I will probably have enough for the sleeves, and so can just work through the sleeves and wait for the rest to arrive.

What is it with this sweater and yarn booboos?

so you're at the sleeves, right? I'm done with the ribbing, and am at line 2 after the ribbing. She says to P, then do line 1 of the cable pattern, then P to end (essentially), then "work 3 rows in patt as set". What pattern? Reverse stockinette? keep repeating the first row with cable line 1? I think it could have been spelled out, or maybe I'm just missing it.
Elspeth...the cable pattern is printed right at the start of the pattern...when they say pattern as set they mean the 8 rows of the cable pattern.

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