Thursday, October 27, 2005

Both of my sleeves are done, and now I have to seam.

I hate seaming. Hate hate hate seaming.

Does anyone have any tips on seaming reverse stockinette? The only lesson I've learned (finally) is NOT to seam with bulky yarn...I have black sock yarn that I'll use.

On another topic, did anyone see the new VK? There's a 'blackberry' like sweater that (I think) is the first pattern. It's pretty. It has ribbon woving through the fronts. I'll see if I can swipe a picture somewhere.

On yet another topic, I've got a hankering to make the 'kitty' hat from Stitch n' Bitch (for Halloween). I don't know why....I should just wait a few days adn the Halloween feeling will pass!

I have seen it, Kim. I thought it was cute, too! If you can't get to it (the pic), tell me, I'll scan it and put it up.

I will have blackberry progress to share after today!
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