Saturday, October 29, 2005

finally finished front!

on she has increases called "Make One Front" and "Make One Back" that are slightly different for left and right, knit and purl, that finally satisfied my perfectionist nature. AND I quit trying to do both sides at 0nce. Nightmare! to remember which was which and switch back and forth, all on top of making right side wrong side and vice versa. But one is done, and I'm pretty happy with it AND it only took a days worth of knitting time. woo hoo!

Here is the picture from the Vogue, the one that Kim mentioned. It is a lot like blackberry, I think, but more of a set in sleeve, rather than a raglan. I like ours better. :-)

(sorry about the photo quality, I had a little disagreement with my scanner) :-)

Wow, talk about bobbles! I definitely like ours better. By the way, have I mentioned I randomly opened "Simple Knits With a Twist" and there was the cable pattern right there? It was weird, but I guess that's where she got it!
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