Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am away from home staying with my dad who is in hospice care. I have my computer for today so I decided to post, even though I have no pictures. I am having a problem with the sleeve instructions. Maybe it is just my emotional state at this time and my mind is a mess, but I have knit to the first bobble row - what do I do next? I don't understand and I am sure it is quite simple once explained...any and all help would be appreciated. I hope to get to a computer in the next couple of days.

Hi Sheryl,

I think I had the same problem with the pattern.

I asked this: So I'm on the first sleeve of Blackberry. I was reading the directions, and she has us do ribbing, then P 13, do line one of the cable pattern, P 13. Then "follow next three lines in patt". I know tired, but "patt"? Which "patt"? Reverse stockinette? P 13, follow the cable pattern, P 13? K 13, follow the cable pattern in reverse, K 13?

and got this response from a friend: "I think what she means, is follow the next three rows of the cable panel. Take a look at the top of the pattern to where she explains the 8 row repeat."

Does this help?
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