Thursday, October 20, 2005

progress and problem or not?

i have my back decreased to the proper # of stitches, but due to gauge, it is about 2" short. im thinking that because of the ribbed edging i can get away with this.

what do you-all think?

edited to add: girls, *sigh*, did i mention how tired i am, how dysfunctional my brain? i have 4 more rows of instructions to do and *then* i'll measure it . . .

It probably also depends on how it fits on you. You could always make your ribbing a little bigger. That would also make the front wider too. That may or may not work...I don't guess I helped much did I?
Where is it short (compared to the schematic)? If it is short through the sleeve area you'll have to compensate a bit on the sleeves.
it is short from the armhole first decrease on up. i was 8 for 8 up until then - ?

i'll let you know what i figure out and do . . .
I had that same problem until I realized I had my gauge slightly wrong, and then it worked! I hope yours works out!
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