Saturday, November 26, 2005

I've been waiting for days for the weather to clear up (it's been dark, misty and gloomy in London) and for hubby to return from a business trip to photograph Blackberry. There's one done by Aidan, my lil one, but it's slightly out of focus and has more of the ceiling in the picture than me. I have enjoyed knitting this cardigan and it's been getting a lot wear in the cold weather at the moment. I made a few changes to the pattern including resizing the sleeves to fit my puny arms, omitting the bobbles (mine were just too messy) and reversing the cables, because I liked them that way round. Here's a side view of the sleeves and cables.

Here's the full frontal view. (Sorry about the messy hair - didn't have time to do anything with it!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hi everyone. I have one completed Blackberry. (Applause in the background!!) Ribbing done and seams all sewn in, some neat and tidy others not so. I have really enjoyed making it. Apart from Clapotis, this is the first Big knit I have made for me. Hurray! I'll post pictures tomorrow as it's 12.30 am and I am bushed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

well, what now? I was knitting according to XL to get a L because my gauge was smaller (12st/15 rows instead of 11st/14 rows) so I should have come out okay, but I didn't. I ended up with an M. 19 inches across the back. :-(

Everything else I am happy with (except I wouldn't make a shadow cable again, not nearly the fun and visual interest of a regular cable), but I don't have the heart to redo the whole thing at this time . . .

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I am so excited about my blackberry. I tried it on and it fits like a dream. Thanks to all, it has been a blast.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Celia we are in the same place....Yeah! We will have a FO soon. These are my pieces waiting to be assembled. I am so excited. I hope it stays cold long enough to wear this!

Lauren, Hang in there and I agree with Celia; the sweater will be worth it to start over with a bulky rather than super bulky yarn. Lion Brand Chunky Woolease will work nicely. If you do this, a hint for the cuff - I knit the cuff on size 11's using the # of stitches called for then switched back to 13's for the body of the sleeve. It makes a tighter, small cuff. Good luck!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lauren, Woolease T&Q is *very* bulky! I can imagine you feel like you are knitting a rug! I am using Woolease chunky on sz 13 needles and it is going nicely. If you want to start fresh, I highly recommend this yarn, and it's not to pricey, about the same as the T&Q. I spent $36 on 6 skeins, and probably won't need them all.

I have finished my sleeves, and will be sewing body parts together later today, then picking up stitches for the ribbing! I can't wait to finish it! Here is a (not great) picture of my sleeves. They are the same size just photo-ed wonky.

I started with 42 stitches although I am knitting the size that would call for 44, then increased evenly (every 10 stitches, along with cable crosses) to have the required 48 at armhole bind-off, then followed pattern. I did frog two rows of my first sleeve and put in one more cross at the top.

FO soon?!?

Hi everyone! I'm in a very dark place right now. I'm thinking about frogging the blackberry I'm working on, because the yarn is just too darn heavy and the cuffs are going to be HUUUUGE, as it is. I've had terrible problems with the gauge. Can I ask, what yarn would you all recommend, if/when I start knitting it again? I'm using Lion Wool-ease T&Q. Obviously, I can't afford Rowan Chunky or anything so fabulous, but something mid price is do-able. So please, help me salvage my moral...I really want to knit this! Thanks

xo Lauren

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Pictures, But Progress Has Been Made

I am away from home and my camera. I can report, however, that I have finished knitting all the parts of my Blackberry. My plan (and we all know how those can go) is to block, sew and knit the ribbed edging this weekend. It is finally cold here and had I been more diligent I could be wearing my beautiful sweater right now!

Yea, Sheryl! I am to decreases for second sleeve, so I am on your heels!

Monday, November 14, 2005

almost there . . .

this was sleeve one

this is sleeve two
I reversed the cables just for fun

Hi Kate - love your baby blue Blackberry. Kim - I love your Blackberry in Paris Night! Must buy that yarn.

First up, progress on my Blackberry cardi. I have completed one sleeve (I frogged the original sleeve for being too big and reversed the cable onto the knit side of the fabric - thanks Cecilia) and started on sleeve two. I am hoping to complete sleeve 2 fairly quickly, seam it and start the ribbing. The weather in London is absolutely freezing at the moment and Blackberry would get a lot of wear. I have also just played netball tonight, so I can confirm it is Artic out there!!!

Much happier with the sleeve size, although it might be a bit long. I'll have to see when it's completed.

Sleeve 2 cast on, ribbing completed, just cables to go. hoping for a quick finish!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Kate, your baby blue Blackberry is adorable!
Congratulations of finishing!
Here is my so-called progress:

my second sleeve at least started!
I am going to frog two rows of first sleeve and put in
one more cable cross
and try to get some progress on this one!
I can't wait to have an FO here!
Kate, how did you find the ribbing on circs?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I finished my Blackberry!

And look what else I discovered: Posted by Picasa

I think it's cuter with the collar turned back! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Welcome to another new Blackberry-er!

Please join me in welcoming Lauren, who is having some issues with the Blackberry sleeves! We're glad to have you with us!

oooo, look, a sleeve!

it got to be 17.5 inches at the decrease, so mine will probably be too long, too
we'll see! :-)


This is sleeve #1 and it has caused me to suffer from the above disease. This situations is complicated by the frequency of bobbles encountered in sleeve #1. I dislike bobbles. They are not hard; they simply interrupt the flow of knitting and are a pain. I do like the finished result, but I am having severe motivation issues. It doesn't help matters that it is nearly 90 degrees here now. Not exactly wool sweater weather.

I did begin the second sleeve yesterday. The ribbing is finished and it is now time to begin the pattern. Could bobbles on one sleeve and not the other be considered a design feature? No, I didn't think so. Oh well, I will persevere.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hi, Ling! I love your colorlike regular stst better, too. I do admire the claw cable, though.

The sleeves are big. I wondered if I wanted to make mine narrower. Actually I did, but only by 2 stitches, and I am tall, so I have longer arms, and the 17 inches just fits from underarm to wrist for me.

I expect to use it more as a jacket as Kim is, so wider sleeves will be okay. No pictures from me today, although I did make a little progress. But I missed a decrease so I am frogging back just a little and then will finish first sleeve and post a picture for ya'll.

Kim, I left you a comment, but I'll say it here too: Beautiful! :-)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh how rude of me. I didn't introduce myself properly. Hi. I'm Ling. I'm from London, UK and my blog is I'm a full-time mother of 2 kids and I enjoy a number of crafts. My main passion at the moment is knitting. Please feel free to drop in!

Hi everyone! This is my first KAL. I've really only stumbled into this whole knit-blogging community recently. I'm enjoying the experience so far.

I'd like to show the progress of my Blackberry. I started it on 27 October but took a trip to Chicago for a few days and didn't fancy taking heavy yarn and heavy knitting so I left it at home. It got restarted on 3 November and I have completed the back and two fronts and most of a sleeve (more about that in a minute!) It's knitted in Rowan Chunky Print in shade 73 Temper. I bought that in the Liberty sale for GBP3 per ball. It was destined for another project but I liberated it to make Blackberry. I love chunky knits, blink and it's almost complete. Here's a picture ofthe sleeve. I tried the bobbles but I didn't like them, that's probably to do with my poor bobble making skill. I ripped back 25 rows and started again. I've now got to the armhole shaping and I've decided I don't really like the shape of the sleeve......
I think it's huge at the wrist. See I've got it pinned up and it's probably 8 -10 stitches too wide for my liking. Does anyone else feel the same? I'm thinking of ripping it out and starting again. And if I was going to do that, I'm going to reverse the cable. I prefer the knit side too. Any comments gladly appreciated!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by kbshee.
My blackberry is done! Well, seamed up and ends woven in. It needs a bit of blocking (or maybe I'll just wear it out in the rain).

Welcome to our newest Blackberry-er, Ling!

We look forward to seeing your Blackberry progress.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I progress, therefore I am . . .

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I decided to go with stst and a 10 st shadow cable, so far so good.
Is it terrible of me to change this to my (more simple) taste?
If so, I apologize to you my fellow KAL-ers, and to Jennifer.
But I am "independent to a fault", just ask all my friends, family, spouse, and kids.
Even the dog would agree. :-)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, I think I got this sleeve thing figured out. My first bobbles weren't so attractive, but I have loosened the tension so that I can get all the new stitches on the needle. I use a smaller dpn to move the loops off.

I am loving this sweater and can hardly wait to wear it.

I finished the second half of my blackberry front - next: sleeves! I'm not going to be as radical as I first thought, I think I will only leave off the bobbles.

Kim, is yours an extra-bulky yarn? I'm hoping my chunky yarn doesn't come out too heavy!

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