Monday, November 14, 2005

Hi Kate - love your baby blue Blackberry. Kim - I love your Blackberry in Paris Night! Must buy that yarn.

First up, progress on my Blackberry cardi. I have completed one sleeve (I frogged the original sleeve for being too big and reversed the cable onto the knit side of the fabric - thanks Cecilia) and started on sleeve two. I am hoping to complete sleeve 2 fairly quickly, seam it and start the ribbing. The weather in London is absolutely freezing at the moment and Blackberry would get a lot of wear. I have also just played netball tonight, so I can confirm it is Artic out there!!!

Much happier with the sleeve size, although it might be a bit long. I'll have to see when it's completed.

Sleeve 2 cast on, ribbing completed, just cables to go. hoping for a quick finish!!

oooo, you're welcome, it looks good!
Nice going Ling!
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