Monday, November 07, 2005

Hi, Ling! I love your colorlike regular stst better, too. I do admire the claw cable, though.

The sleeves are big. I wondered if I wanted to make mine narrower. Actually I did, but only by 2 stitches, and I am tall, so I have longer arms, and the 17 inches just fits from underarm to wrist for me.

I expect to use it more as a jacket as Kim is, so wider sleeves will be okay. No pictures from me today, although I did make a little progress. But I missed a decrease so I am frogging back just a little and then will finish first sleeve and post a picture for ya'll.

Kim, I left you a comment, but I'll say it here too: Beautiful! :-)

The funniest thing about how big the sleeves are is that the model (Jennifer) is skinny, and they don't look big on her! Maybe she only made the smallest size (and anyone with her body type would fit it fine) and didn't scale the sizes up well enough? (That is, made the larger sizes too large?)
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