Saturday, November 26, 2005

I've been waiting for days for the weather to clear up (it's been dark, misty and gloomy in London) and for hubby to return from a business trip to photograph Blackberry. There's one done by Aidan, my lil one, but it's slightly out of focus and has more of the ceiling in the picture than me. I have enjoyed knitting this cardigan and it's been getting a lot wear in the cold weather at the moment. I made a few changes to the pattern including resizing the sleeves to fit my puny arms, omitting the bobbles (mine were just too messy) and reversing the cables, because I liked them that way round. Here's a side view of the sleeves and cables.

Here's the full frontal view. (Sorry about the messy hair - didn't have time to do anything with it!)

Absolutely beautiful!

And the sweater too!
Great work Ling! I agree about bobbles - they are not my friend. It is a great sweater, isn't it? It is actually cool enough here for me to wear mine too.
It's wonderful, Ling! I like it without the bobbles!
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