Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lauren, Woolease T&Q is *very* bulky! I can imagine you feel like you are knitting a rug! I am using Woolease chunky on sz 13 needles and it is going nicely. If you want to start fresh, I highly recommend this yarn, and it's not to pricey, about the same as the T&Q. I spent $36 on 6 skeins, and probably won't need them all.

I have finished my sleeves, and will be sewing body parts together later today, then picking up stitches for the ribbing! I can't wait to finish it! Here is a (not great) picture of my sleeves. They are the same size just photo-ed wonky.

I started with 42 stitches although I am knitting the size that would call for 44, then increased evenly (every 10 stitches, along with cable crosses) to have the required 48 at armhole bind-off, then followed pattern. I did frog two rows of my first sleeve and put in one more cross at the top.

FO soon?!?

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