Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is sleeve #1 and it has caused me to suffer from the above disease. This situations is complicated by the frequency of bobbles encountered in sleeve #1. I dislike bobbles. They are not hard; they simply interrupt the flow of knitting and are a pain. I do like the finished result, but I am having severe motivation issues. It doesn't help matters that it is nearly 90 degrees here now. Not exactly wool sweater weather.

I did begin the second sleeve yesterday. The ribbing is finished and it is now time to begin the pattern. Could bobbles on one sleeve and not the other be considered a design feature? No, I didn't think so. Oh well, I will persevere.

The sleeve looks great.

I agree with you on the bobbles, I always saw them as a chance to have a little drink of something (which makes me sound like a lush, but really it was usually diet coke).
I have my second sleeve started, too. My issues are remembering the modifications I made to sleeve #1! Argh! Picture later.
I like the bobbles considering I always hated them before this project. However, it is hard to remember to do them every certain number (I can't remember how many!) of rows. So my first sleeve is missing one bobble!
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